• The story on my plate

    a life worth living, so be healthy

    February 12, 2017 · shradha kothari,story of my crafts
    Sometimes it's fun to get creative. We all need little time to ourselves to simply wind down. There doesn't need to be an occasion or purpose behind what and why you craft-just let your imagination run wild and be in your creative spree..  I was just playing around with my jewelry basics and...
    February 2, 2017 · kids food,Sweet
    When it comes to making yummy food for our little one which is healthy yet tasty is big challenge. Since the birth of my baby boy, I became obsessed to make healthy and nutritious food for my little one. And mostly every mother goes through this phase like we are on some grand mission of raising...
    January 8, 2017 · Baking,breads,burger
    I am not the baker type, but once in a while I like some adventures in my kitchen and this one was for sure one of them. I have had tried few recipes before but all came out to be disaster. Finally after so much research, trying and throwing, I got down to one recipe and it turned out to be...
    December 31, 2016 · motivation,Inspiration · 2
    It is never an end but a new beginning... may be a wonderful one. It’s just that for things to change for you, you have got to change. I have been intrigued by this word”END”, secretly making plans so that I can hold on to everything I have as fear creeps into my mind of losing it all. But in...
    December 12, 2016 · meal,indian,rice
    This is where the saga of healthy food starts in my life. I was just few days into making healthy food, as it happened I was supposed to make palak paneer sabji with paratha but I was too tired to make paratha so I thought why don’t I make palak paneer rice as I have got everything on hand with...
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    Hello Friends!

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    My name is Pooja Gandhi.

    " You eat with your eyes first " ,
    A blog that talks about healthy vegetarian food and everything around it.

    THE STORY ON MY PLATE is all about making your everyday food healthy, exotic and visually appealing. Making your every bite count on nutrition yet delicious. Savouring it with content and giving every molecule of your body nutrients it needs.

    Here I am trying to inculcate healthy food habits in myself and my family while recording every reciepe in their best version from taste to looks.

    Designing handcrafted jewellery

    URBANJUNK crafts unique blend of accessories using fabric, colorful beads, and other different materials.
    For the season of festives and weddings , go for our super savvy jewels crafted with delightful assortment of brass, copper, beads, fabric, semiprecious gems and pave them with your urban wardrobe to breeze through style

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    Shradha Kothari

    Crafter.. who writes about her journey of creating something new everyday

    I am Shradha Kothari. A wife and mother to a naughty lad. Creativity is my passion but jewelry making, mixed media and paper crafts are my hot stepper. I love to combine the elements of all three and bring a new zeal in my work..I hope you ll be inspiredd to cultivate and create something of your own,


    click on the photo or here to know more about my work

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