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A new beginning..

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In the end, Its not years in your life that counts , its life in your years -ABRAHAM LINCOLN

It is never an end but a new beginning... may be a wonderful one. It’s just that for things to change for you, you have got to change.

I have been intrigued by this word”END”, secretly making plans so that I can hold on to everything I have as fear creeps into my mind of losing it all. But in process of all this I realized, I am actually losing everything without living it, without fulfilling the chance of making it something better for the future. This year it was good learning experience for me from being vulnerable to feeling depressed, from being independent to dependent, from doing nothing to doing something completely different and many such heights of emotion where I had to end something inside me, just to begin with a refreshed vigour.

Actually END is not an end until you let it go, without doing anything which saps your energy with the baggage that it left behind on your mind. Instead use it as a powerful tool to make you aware to do the next right thing.

End can be painful, end can be frustrating, end can be hurtful, but every end is a learning experience and the memory you created with it. This memory will be engraved in the story of your life because in the end what matters most is who you become from the journey you have been through.

So look out for that one beginning (a defining moment), embrace it and live it profoundly, you never know it might change your journey to complete new direction.

"In the end we only regret chances we didn't take, relationship we are afraid to have and decisions we waited too long to make"

Spread the love and be true to yourself

Have wonderful coming year

cheers to life

lots of love


P.s : its not just a mere thought, its an experienced thought. Lately i have experienced a defining moment which changed my life and my way of looking at the world.

P.P.S : the picture above is taken by me, is of old- fashioned pub named 'THE WORLDS END' on the royal mile , SCOTLAND

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