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A piece from my guilt free life

choosing to live life

"The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are"

Sometimes in life do you wonder what is it like to live your life to fullest, like do whatever you want to without having fear. Fear of society, fear of unknown, fear of people around us, fear of failure. (I do).

I have had great times in my life (and I am grateful for all those moments) but still feel something is always missing... don’t understand why?  And then realise I don’t want to leave my comfort zone to be something or be someone who I wish to be, As for years I have made decisions based on what others would say, the self judgement influenced by other peoples expectation and these judgement limits creativity, pull the energy in different direction where you feel guilty about what u do. Guilt is a place where you feel stuck no matter what you do you feel bad, an unorganized inner conflict which don’t let us get up. So I decided to do something about it.

In midst of this conflict I thought What if I choose my life..? Every day begins with a choice, choice to do the same thing, go the same route or be little adventurous and do something quiet differently or choose to take action towards something you aspire.

Here I am running the race u can say back to back marathon to fit in the role of being perfect/best. Like others expect me to be “A perfect” student, daughter, wife, daughter in law and now mother. I expect from myself to be “best” – dancer, creator, artist, designer and etc. A woo doo trap of being super woman.

Instead why not let go of being perfect and embrace myself as I am, accept the imperfections and make the best of life from the present I have.

Choosing life not just exist

"When you release expectations, you are free to enjoy things for what they are ,instead of what you think they should be."  -Mandy Hale

Lighting struck... and there’s the awakening.  Awakening of accepting & come to terms with myself ,make best out of what I am, using my energy to do things and take actions rather than pondering and thinking about it  every day and night. Coz if I don’t take action , I will be nowhere near what I want to do.

 So to make it little spicy & adventurous ill share my daily chronicles here... to make myself more aware and consciously choose to take action on daily basis.

Satisfy my craziness yet being sane for the society (disclaimer)

I may take unconventional road (not exactly) but will make sure it doesn’t harm my near and dear’s one... instead i might convince them to come along or might find a midway to make sure both the worlds are happy.

"I don't believe in guilt, i believe in living on an impulse as long as you never intentionally hurt another person, and don't judge people in your life. I think you should live completely free."  -ANGELINA JOLIE

What is in there for u here...

  • Creative DIY'S (i love making things.. mainly jewelry but you may find other things also )
  • Life hacks 
  • Some crazy life stories
  • Quest of unconventional people
  • Self help theories from books I read
  • Inspiration from movies i watch
  • About food & travel
  • Hopefully inspiring other people to make life happen to them.

It will authentically real... no made-ups. If extracted from somewhere than credits and links will be provided

Thank You for reading

Lots of Love...


P.S: presently I obsessed with No.30 as I am going to become 30 in 2017 and that is making me crazier. So don’t mind if u find more posts on 30 this and 30 that. As I have made list of 30 to do things by 30th birthday or somewhere nearby in 2017

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