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15 things to do before 30

just adding a little bit of spice to a normal life





Change is constant, but what matters most is what we make out of it though sometimes hardest thing to do is taking an action towards something you really want to do. There is an unknown fear deep down will it work out or not. Only way to overcome is, get the task done and see the result , research says 90% of time fear is a fragment of our mind to make us procrastinate the thing that we want to do , when actually doing the thing is much easier than those thoughts before completing it.

I have read somewhere a great way to do the things you want to is to enlist accountability partner, sharing your specific goals with another person is powerful way to ensure that you follow through on actions you need to take.

Since long I have been thinking to make my to do list and was trying hard to make it exciting… which would make me do things the way I dream of … but never put it in action. So now I finally put my step forward and decide it to make it anyway.

Lately I have been reading many books and watching many inspiring movie… so I derive my list from those books inculcating my passion with it.

15 things to do before 30 

  1. 30 things I want to buy which I never bought : A very materialistic to do.. but most of time I resist buying many exclusive things which I like at first sight but confine myself from buying it thinking may be some other time and later when I see other people using the same thing in my mind I think I wish I had it.                                                      
  2. Make 100 healthy food items maximum of 300 to 400 calories per meal: A quest for a healthy lifestyle. Lately I am loving to make food , I used to make it everyday but never cared what I am putting in. Now as I am learning 'food and nutrition' I understand there is so much more. We thrive on food.                                                                          I read this on food52 and I loved it.. it is so inspiring                                                        If you cook, your family will eat dinner together.                                                              If you cook, you will naturally have a more sustainable household.                               If you cook, you'll set a lifelong example for your children.                                             If you cook, you'll understand what goes into food and will eat more healthily.             If you cook, you'll make your home an important place in your life.                              If you cook, you'll make others happy.                                                                          If you cook, people will remember you                                                                            
  3. Send handwritten notes to 30 people: These days we are more into virtual world with our favorites ..Instagram , snap chat, whats-app on our hand, easy to excess. We have forgotten the importance of handwritten notes and cards, inscribed with feelings which has more meaning and depth to it in comparison to electronic messages and can also be kept as momento.                                                                                           
  4. Learn product photography: I have been wanting to learn this after brooding on Instagram every now and then, wondering what awesome clicks they post, which attracts me to buy the stuff and as I m a fashion jewellery designer I would love to see my jewellery in those photos.                                                                                                   
  5. Learn to play chess: Yes I don’t know how to play chess! , its on my mind to learn but I always feel it must be very difficult so to give that thought rest I want to learn chess.    
  6. Read or listen 30 inspiring books(6 completed): I thrive on books, reading is a basic need for me, basically I am booketarian but I don’t have shorthand values from books I read so just to keep record of what I am learning from them ,i ll make my short review on this blog.                                                                                                             
  7. Be minimalist and live simple: Its really a hassle to keep along too many stuff, I realized this while I was shifting to new house that I own so much stuff which is not required. Somethings are way old , I don’t even remember having them and few clothes are just dummy for my wardrobe which stays in wardrobe, never used once. So now when I am stepping into 30 I want to live and travel light. Inspired by Marie kondo method( a book on minimalist living by Marie Kondo)                                                                 
  8. Follow the 52 list project: Oh I love writing in journals, but these project caught my eyes its something to get to know our own self. I have tendency to ask people questions about themselves like what do they like ? whats their favorite movie just so that I can relate to them but I never ever asked myself such question I have no clue what I like the most, I just ask people for fun but I don’t know my answers for myself. And these journal is discovering the beauty , joy, and power that we already have it in us. It is about creating 52 list one every week with prompts to make our own list.                  
  9. Take 10000 steps daily: A must do thing in my list to motivate myself to move more and shed some weight I have gained through my pregnancy and stay healthy.                   
  10. Go on a solo trip: I have been waiting for courage to do this. I wanted to do this since I read ‘ EAT,PRAY AND LOVE’ and I have read it like 4 times and watched movie like zillion times, but never had courage to do it. Since I am setting up some goals here I want to accomplish this ASAP.                                                                                           
  11. Meet 30 new mompreneurs: Meeting new people and knowing them is something that inspires me a lot. Now as I am a mom waiting to start work but without missing my childs growth (well I want best of both world so finding a common path) so I want some inspiration from other mothers who are already pro in managing both world profoundly.  
  12. Recycle and recreate new things: I love making things, recently saw the H&M movement to save earth inspired from that I decided to recreate things from old stuff.    
  13. Make 100 pieces of handmade jewellery: Just to keep creating the art i loved and not forgetting the basics in midst of other things I pursue and hustle of daily life.                      
  14. Take 1 sec video of my baby everyday: A video memoir of my baby's growth. Would love to see those one seconds becoming into thousand seconds... and reminiscence those days later in my life (inspired from movie "CHEF" , where his son takes one second video with his dad on his journey on road).                                                                   
  15. Simply be grateful for atleast 5 things in my life everyday:  There are times we forget what we have while wanting to achieve more things in life and we take those things for granted only realizing later when we lose it. So just to keep myself still while pacing through different  avenues in my life.

Finally I am on my mini QUEST to achieve things i want to do. Technically the tag line says before 30 but I give myself a grace period and and give myself a years time from now to achieve this goals.

So is there any thing you would like to do and aren't able to find time to do it. Just get inspired and put a deadline to it. Do let me know in comments what is that you want to do before your 20's 30's or where ever you are in your life?.

Do what you love and be inspired.

lots of love


P.S: This whole Idea is inspired from book "THE HAPPINESS OF PURSUIT - CHRIS GUILLEBEAU" (love all books from this author)

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